So I have really been enjoying the whole “ease you into the workout” and ease out with the cool down, so I will continue (as requested).

Todays workout is a new MORNING WORKOUT that will get you just feeling all the vibes! Its a slower walk, so this one is perfect for beginners, or even if you’re just having a hard time waking up and getting into your morning routine.

This month I am committing to early morning sweat sessions both with y YouTube and the growwithjo app! ( I CANNOT wait to dig into the new LEVEL UP Tabata Challenge launching on the 7th of February in the growwithjo app!) Download my app today to be a part of it:

Anyhow, yes, this will be our challenge and if you want to find a video to stick to every morning to get better and better at, THIS IS THE ONE!

Dont let the vibes of the music fool you though, we will be getting our sweat on today! Don’t you worry

Workout Structure:
Warm up – 5 Mins
Tabata Time – 15 mins
Cool Down – 3 Mins

Workout Stats
Apple Watch Setting: Indoor Walk
Calories Burned: 200
Level of Intensity: 7/10

If you have read this caption all the way through, firstly I really appreciate your attention to detail and that you care about what I have to share. You are my virtual bestie and I really hope that we can connect in the near future. Send me a DM on IG ( ) with a list of 3 goals you have for this month (ill know that you came from this video ;), it will be our little pact. Once you have sent me a DM, comment below your top goal for the month!

Im so proud of how far you’ve come even if you’re just starting today. The first step is the biggest one. Keep it up sis

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