Welcome to my channel, Chaz’s Lifestyle!
In this healthy lifestyle series, I’ll be showing you all what I learned and did through trial and error in my Weight-loss journey of loosing 30 lbs in 3 weeks.
This is for motivational purposes only and disclaimer; if you have any type of medical/health issues. Refer to your doctor and see what is best for you.

In this video, I talk about week 1 (what I ate only) during my weight-loss journey.
My diet included;detox juices, water, vegetable meal preps and healthy snacks.
S/o to the people who requested this style video.
I will be doing videos on questions and concerns people had in my last two Weight-loss videos.
See y’all in the next video!

Ingredients is self explanatory, simple and everything you see in the video is what I used for the meal preps.
Switch it up, have fun with it and remember create a journey for your personal body needs and goals.

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