Weight loss: Weight loss refers to a reduction in total body weight, usually resulting from increased physical activity, diet, or reduced intake of food. Some forms of weight loss are considered healthy, such as rapid weight loss experienced by athletes and body builders, and gradual weight loss that results from changes in eating and activity levels. A person who has reached his/her desired weight may be trying to maintain the weight or trying to lose weight. Most cases of rapid weight loss to occur because of the loss of vital body protein, mainly in cases of severe obesity, but in healthy cases of rapid weight loss, most of the ingested protein is used by the body for protein synthesis and is transported to the muscles as energy. In cases where the weight loss is not rapid, protein in the form of fat is deposited on the body as a result of the high rate of metabolism.

Excessive weight loss: Excessive weight loss is a loss in excess body weight caused by the excessive loss of body protein and/or protein digestion processes. This situation is usually accompanied by metabolic changes such as enhanced burning of calories and altered body metabolism. A person who is in this situation should seek medical advice. Examples of excessive weight loss include patients suffering from diabetes, kidney disease, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and obesity caused by a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet, to mention a few. It is important for people suffering from diabetes, kidney disease, and the others mentioned above to consult their doctors before undergoing any kind of weight loss program or treatment.

Weight loss include different forms. It may come in the form of moderate weight loss (loss of one percent of body weight), severe weight loss (loss of one hundred percent of body weight), or moderately severe weight loss (loss of one hundred percent of body weight). Those who are in extremely severe weight loss include people suffering from a chronic physical condition such as cancer. People in this situation may resort to extreme methods such as starvation, dehydration, extreme exercises, etc. Whichever weight loss type a person may be suffering from, there are effective and safe ways and means of achieving it.

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