Weight loss calculators have been helping people to reach their ideal weight. They have been a big help in aiding in weight loss programs worldwide. However, they are not foolproof. Sometimes you will get the wrong results and that can be quite disappointing especially if you have worked hard for those extra pounds. Then you must move on and try something else.

In order to have a clearer picture of what the results of the Weight Loss Calculator can be, let us take an example of someone who uses this fitness tool. Let us say that she wants to use the Weight Loss Calculator to find out her average BMI or Body Mass Index. However, this person is a strong obese but she has lost a lot of weight. The weight loss calculator tells her that she is overweight. Now if she were to use the Weight Loss Clinic diet program, she may end up getting even worse body weight and much higher BMI than before.

This can be a little discouraging for those who have set their hearts on losing weight but still end up being disappointed. However, there are a few things that we can do in order to avoid disappointment. First of all, we should always use the weight loss calculator as a guide only. It can give us an idea on how many calories we are burning but it cannot tell us specifically how much we will lose or how long it will take. Diet and exercise should always be our partners in order to lose weight effectively.

As previously mentioned, a lot of factors go into determining your BMI or body fat percentage. Your genetic makeup, gender, age, health, and lifestyle are just a few of them. These factors are usually determined through tests or interviews. A lot of people think that once they reach a certain body fat percentage, they can then stop exercising and eat whatever they want without worrying about how much they will gain or how much they will lose. The weight loss calculator however is not able to determine these factors.

Aside from the body fat percentage and the calories you are taking in, your BMI or body fat percentage also depends on how many pounds you have to lose. If you don’t know your BMI, all you have to do is take a look at your height and weight. Once you know these two factors, you can plug them into a Weight Loss Calculator and it will show you how many pounds you have to lose in order to reach your ideal weight. However, keep in mind that your ideal weight is based on your age, height, gender, and current height and weight. You also have to remember that the number you come up with is only an estimation based on your best, not worst, scenario.

In order to determine your ideal weight, you also have to consider your lean body mass or LBM. Your BMI would greatly depend on your lean body mass. Your lean body mass is basically the muscles you have in proportion to your bones and your body weight. There are two types of LBM; low & high. People who have high LBM or low BMI would be classified as morbidly obese and those who have low LBM or high BMI would be categorized as moderately obese.

Once you have determined your ideal weight, now all you have to do is choose the corresponding weight loss method. Many people tend to go for diet programs or simply work out to lose excess weight. While both of these methods would help you lose excess weight, there are differences between the two. When you workout, your body temperature rises, which leads to increased metabolic rate. This increased metabolic rate helps burn off more calories and fats faster than dieting alone.

When you diet, your metabolism stops working as efficiently as it does when you workout. This is because your body still requires the same amount of food even though your body is undergoing metabolic changes. When you calculate the number of calories you will need to eat for one week, you can see if you need to alter your diet or not. The Weight Loss Calculator can also help you plan your meals. All you have to do is plug-in your weight, height, age and current activity level and it will provide you with the amount of calories you should consume to lose one pound each day for one week.

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