Weight Loss 6-8 Kg in 30 Days | 32 Minutes Aerobic Exercise To Lose Weight Fast | Zumba Class

Weight Loss 6-8 Kg in 30 Days | 32 Minutes Aerobic Exercise To Lose Weight Fast | Zumba Class

Weight Loss 6-8 Kg in 30 Days | 32 Minutes Aerobic Exercise To Lose Weight Fast | Zumba Class
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Rebounder for Weight Loss Workout: BeFiT Trainer Open House- Lauren Roxburgh

Rebounder for Weight Loss Workout: BeFiT Trainer Open House- Lauren Roxburgh

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Rebounder for Weight Loss Workout from BeFiT Trainer Open House with Lauren Roxburgh is a 10 minute fat-burning workout that uses a unique series of bouncing exercises on a rebounder to activate your entire body, strengthen the core, build bone density, increase balance and open the lymphatic system to flush toxins! Blast away cellulite, improve alignment and ring out the organs with A-list Trainer, Body Alignment Expert, Author and Fascia & movement Healer, Lauren Roxburgh in this stress-reducing segment from the all new installment of the popular BeFiT Trainer Open House Series! Bounce away the stress and release negative energy with these result-driven exercises including jumping jacks, running man, leg crosses, side to sides, torso twists, side bends and more that according to NASA, can potentially burn fat 50% more efficiently than running. Boost metabolism as you elongate the spine, strengthen the quads and engage the hamstrings, shoulders, arms, chest, abs, shins, back, hips, obliques and glutes as you oxygenate blood flow to increase circulation and bring awareness to your entire body. Take this fun workout with you anywhere to sculpt lean definition, relieve anxiety and achieve a healthier, more athletic performance. You will need a rebounder, a towel and a bottle of water to complete this specially- formulated workout that can be modified to fit all skill levels by adjusting reps, form and rest periods. Get the results you are looking for with one of the best trainers in the business. Tune in to the BeFiT Channel weekdays for newly uploaded fitness videos featuring your favorite trainers. Click here for another workout like this one:

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Healthy Recipes for Weight loss |  High Protein Foods | Diet Plan for Weight loss | Healthy Recipes

Healthy Recipes for Weight loss | High Protein Foods | Diet Plan for Weight loss | Healthy Recipes

Healthy Recipes for Weight loss | High Protein Foods | Healthy Recipes | Diet Plan for Weight loss

#weightlossrecipes #highproteinfoods #healthyrecipes #weightlossdiet #dietplanforweightloss #dietrecipes #homecooking

Promo – 00:00
Egg White Omelette – 00:23
Smoky Red Chicken – 04:21
Tandoori Broccoli – 10:16
Oats Paniyaram – 13:51
Zucchini Soup – 16:36
Chana Salad – 20:22

Egg White Omelet

Egg White – 4 nos.
Onion – 1/2 no. (thinly sliced)
Garlic – 3 (finely chopped)
Green Capsicum – 1/4 (thinly sliced)
Red Capsicum – 1/4 (thinly sliced)
Mushroom – 7 nos. (thinly sliced)
Olive Oil
Spring Onion Greens (finely chopped)

Smokey Red Chicken

Chicken Drumstick – 1 Kg
Salt – 1 1/2 Tsp
Juice Of 1 Lemon
Ginger Garlic Paste – 2 Tsp
Chilli Powder – 3 Tbsp
Pepper – 1 Tsp
Soy Sauce – 1 1/2 Tsp
Tomato Ketchup – 1 1/2 Tsp

Tandoori Broccoli

Broccoli – 1 No.
Hung Curd – 1 Cup
Ginger Garlic Paste – 1 Tsp
Turmeric Powder – 1/2 Tsp
Red Chilli Powder – 2 Tsp
Cumin Powder – 1 Tsp
Garam Masala Powder – 1 Tsp
Chaat Masala Powder – 1 Tsp
Salt – 1/2 Tsp
Kasuri Methi – 1 Tsp
Juice Of 1/2 Lemon

Oats Paniyaram

Oats – 1 Cup
Water – 1 1/2 Cups
Onion – 1/4 Cup
Green Chilli – 1 No.
A Piece Of Ginger
Carrot – 1 No.
Cooked Peas
Cabbage – 1/4 Cup
Cumin Seeds – 1/2 Tsp
Turmeric Powder – 1/4 Tsp
Salt – 1 Tsp
Rice Flour – 1 Tbsp
Coriander Leaves

Zucchini Soup

Zucchini – 1 No.
Onion – 1 No.
Garlic – 8 Cloves
Potato – 2 Nos
Olive Oil – 1 1/2 Tsp
Salt – 1 Tsp
Pepper – 1 Tsp
Italian Seasoning – 1 Tsp
Water – 3 Cups

Chana Salad

Chana – 1/2 cup
Onion – 1 no. chopped
Capsicum – 1 no. chopped
Cucumber – 1 no. chopped
Red Cherry Tomatoes
Yellow Cherry Tomatoes
Coriander leaves
Chaat Masala – 1/4 Tsp

For Salad Dressing
Juice of 1 Lemon
Olive oil – 1 TBSP
Salt – 1/4 Tsp

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TURMERIC DRINK FOR WEIGHT LOSS | Drinking Turmeric water for weight loss and can flatten your belly

TURMERIC DRINK FOR WEIGHT LOSS | Drinking Turmeric water for weight loss and can flatten your belly

#turmeric #turmericwater #turmericdrink #haldi #haldiwater #haldidrink #weightloss #weightlossrecipe #weightlossdrink
Want to lose weight in 1 week? 5 ways drinking Turmeric or Haldi chai can flatten your tummy
Turmeric drink for weight loss
How To Make Turmeric Water At Home for weight loss

1. In a pan, put a cup of water and bring it to a boil.
2. Now take another cup and add a teaspoon of Haldi and half a teaspoon of lemon juice.
3. Pour the warm water on top.
4. Towards the end, you can put some honey to sweeten the drink if you want. Give it a nice stir and consume lukewarmly.

The curcumin, which is the main active ingredient in turmeric, has many therapeutic properties, including weight loss. It can protect the body from various disorders linked to obesity. It contains powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant. It is believed that drinking turmeric tea or warm turmeric water on an empty stomach can effectively help your body burn excess flab.
Many health-conscious people are now incorporating turmeric into their teas and lattes to burn fat or simply improve health.

morning weight loss drink | fat cutter drink to lose weight-cumin water/ jeera water for weight loss


Warm water with honey for weight loss | I had warm water with honey daily for 30 days | weight loss


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Best Way To Lose Weight Urdu Hindi – Weight Loss Tips By Ms. Shifa Ali

Best Way To Lose Weight Urdu Hindi – Weight Loss Tips By Ms. Shifa Ali

Nutritionist Ms. Shifa Ali talking at Qasim Ali Shah Foundation in session “The Art of Healthy Lifestyle” Best Way To Lose Weight Urdu Hindi – Wazan Kam Karne Ka Tarika – Weight Loss Tips.

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Weight Loss: Best and Worst Time to Drink Green Tea #Shorts

Weight Loss: Best and Worst Time to Drink Green Tea #Shorts

Green tea is a great drink for people trying to shed extra kilos. Green tea helps in increasing the metabolism and can aid in weight loss. But you should not just drink green tea anytime you want. Watch the video and find out the best and the worst time to drink green tea.

#GreenTea #Shorts #OnlyMyHealth

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