30 KG #WeightLoss Se Meri Duniya Hi Badal Gyi , Aap Bhi Aise Kar Sakte ho..
A fat loss motivational video by #SavikarBhardwaj

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Savikar Bhardwaj is a Motivational Speaker who majorly speaks on Weight Loss Motivation as motivation is the most important ingredient for losing weight. He has developed a magical weight loss formula called as ’32 Baar Wala Formula’ This formula has 5 following steps
If you follow these steps religiously, No one can stop u in loosing weight. Steps are :
1. Whatever you are eating, take very small bites as if you are feeding a small kid.
2.Chew Every Bite For Atleast 32 Times, make it a fine paste or liquid in your mouth and than swallow it.
3. Take at least 30 minutes to finish the food, No TV, No Mobile while eating.
4. Have 1 Cup of Green Tea 1 Hour after every major meal. ( Recommended is Green Tea From www.32Baar.com , World’s Best Green Tea For Weight Loss )
5. One day in week eat regular food without salt.

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