Its time to get our heart rate up and sweat it out to some vibes tunes to elevate our mood and our heart rate!

Did you know that even losing 5% of your body fat can significantly improve your health? If you stay consistent with these workouts, you will see results! All you have to do is follow this workout or any of my other workouts here on YouTube at least 4x per week, DECREASE (not eliminate) your processed sugar intake, and increase your water intake.

Doesn’t sound like much, but these 3 simple steps will get you well on your way to losing 5% body fat in the next 30 days. Keep track of your progress in the comments below πŸ™‚

What is a HIIT workout?
A HIIT workout is a workout that combines short bursts of intense activity with periods of rest or lower intensity! This helps elevate your heart rate and is very effective at burning body fat, and maintaining lean muscle.

In todays workout we will be combining walking with some full body exercises to get us sweating!

This workout is 30 minutes, but if you have any trouble keeping up at any point, dont be afraid to pause or stop and come back to it again tomorrow. Just promise me that you will push yourself a little harder tomorrow to pass what you did today! This is how we see RESULTS and ultimately change!

Stay consistent with your workouts and I promise you, you will see a change. Make sure also that you are drinking plenty of water. You will sweat a lot doing growwithjo workouts, so youve gotta replenish that water to be optimally functioning and to see the most progress!

You’ve got this babe!

Workout Stats:
Apple Watch setting: Indoor Walk
Calories Burned: 265**
Level of Intensity: 8/10
Level of fun: 10/10

**calories burned will vary depending on your weight, height, age, and how vigorously you performed the exercise! When I film my YouTube workouts, I almost over-exaggerate the exercises to make sure you know how to do them. If you find that you aren’t burning as much as me, it could be due to many factors! Dont be discouraged. The calorie burn isn’t that important to be honest. I just put it here for reference πŸ™‚

If you’ve read through this entire caption, make sure to comment below what types of workouts your like best- HIIT/Tabata/Weights/Mile Walks?

When you leave a comment below, I will know that youve read the entire description! See you in the comments πŸ˜‰



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