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00:00 – Intro
1:17 – What is semaglutide?
2:34 – How does semaglutide work?
3:38 – semaglutide dosing
5:11 – Side effects of semaglutide
6:28 – Diet While on it?
7:30 – How long does semaglutide take?
8:33 – Regaining it all back?

What is ozempic injection

Ozempic or wegovy, is a prescription designed to treat Type 2 diabetes, and its getting lots of attention for one of its side effects, weight loss. Because spoiler alert, it does cause weight loss. And With over 320 million views on tiktok just on ozempic, this has caused many people who don’t have diabetes to use it as an off-label for weight loss, Causing the FDA to classify ozempic and wegovy injections of semaglutide underneath a shortage.

Semaglutide weight loss

Semaglutide is an injectable glucagon-like peptide-1 Agonist, or short for (GLP-1) agonist that’s administered once a week. It was originally approved in 2017 under the brand name ozempic to control blood sugar in type 2 diabetes. So the manufacturer wanted to study semaglutide in people who didnt have diabetes, at a higher dose, to see if they can find any weight loss benefits. And what you know, novo nordisk, the manufacturer, got their product, semaglutide FDA approved for weight loss under a new brand name called Wegovy.

Wegovy weight loss

Wegovy is ideally made for adults whose BMI’s are greater or equal to 30 or 27 with at least one of the following conditions. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, or having diabetes.

Semaglutide mechanism of action.

Ozempic and wegovy are glp-1 receptor agonists. They mimic a natural hormone in the body called incretin. The job of incretin is to lower your blood sugar by triggering insulin release and blocking sugar production. And interestingly, they also slow down how quickly food leaves your stomach, which is called gastric emptying.

Semaglutide weight loss how it works

Not only does it lower your appetite, it curbs those feelings of hunger and also lowers the amount of food you eat.

Ozempic dose adjustment and ozempic injection how to use

Wegovy is available as a single-use injection pen. So basically, This means that your dose is already pre-set for you, and you can discard the pen after you inject it, which is once a week on the same day of each week, and it doesnt matter what time of day, or if you want it with or without food.

Wegovy 2.4

You’ll notice that Wegovy, is available in slightly higher doses, you got: 0.25 mg, 0.5, 1.0 mg, 1.7, and 2.4 mg pens, each in different colored pens to help you keep track how far are you are. Ozempic is available in 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg, and 1.0 mg pens. Both of them start at the same amount of 0.25 weekly, and then gradually increase every month, the only difference is that with wegovy, you ramp up to a higher sustained dose of semaglutide at 2.4 mg per week.

What are the side effects of ozempic injection

Every month as your dose gradually increases, your chances of experiencing side effects increases as well. For some, reaching that target dose of 1 mg or 2.4 mg can be difficult and your doctor may want to slow things down by waiting another month before they increase your dose just because the side effects can be quite really annoying. Like burping more frequently, nausea, having constipation or diarrhea, headache, dizziness, and feeling bloated.

Wegovy foods

To get the most results on ozempic, wegovy, mounjaro, or even saxenda, if you want to be super successful with these, you want to create and eat a healthy and balanced diet. Some foods to avoid include: your fried foods, foods and drinks high in sugar, processed foods, and of course fried foods. So try to increase your protein rich foods, and ill leave a good list to refer to here, your vitamin rich fruits and vegetables, and your whole grains.

Wegovy how long

Wegovy starts working right after you inject a dose and as far weight loss, you may see the results within the first 4 weeks because it has to take some time to build up in your system. I mean, the study looked at it over a 68-week period, and found that an average of 35 lbs, or about 14.9%% of body weight was lost compared to placebo, which volunteers only lost 6 lbs roughly 2.4% of their weight with the placebo.

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