This is how I make my weight loss friendly french toast in 7 minutes tops.

This recipe corresponds to tip #1 in my 13 weight loss tips video:

-5 oz egg whites
-1 french roll
-1 serving PBFIT (16g)
– Walden Farm pancake syrup – optional, but makes the recipe amazing
– 1 Packet Slenda or Stevia – optional, but makes the recipe amazing

1. Set burner to medium heat and spray pan
2. Measure out 5 oz egg whites (half cup)
3. Add cinnamon, vanilla extract & protein powder (optional) and whisk
4. Cut french roll as shown and soak in egg mixture
5. Plop soggy sticks on heated pan with the crust side facing up
6. Make your PBFIT sauce with a packet of low calorie sweetener
7. Once french toast sticks have risen a little bit, flip your toast to cook the other side.

~373 Calories
33g protein
5g fat
49 carbs
6g sugar
5g fiber

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