At one time or another, most people will have to deal with the problem of finding the right weight loss workout plan. Unfortunately, it is often not just a temporary fix. If you wish to make sure that you achieve your weight loss objectives and stay the weight off, you must adapt a healthy lifestyle.

In this free high-intensity fat-burn workout, you will reignite your metabolism with this powerful fat-burning exercise. This routine comes complete with a scientifically designed nutritional guide and an audio CD. You can do this workout in as little as 45 minutes a day – that’s two full workouts instead of one! That’s a big difference. Plus, you’ll avoid missing those crucial workout sessions because you’re so focused on getting rid of that stubborn body fat.

This fast and effective fat-burning workout consists of two parts: steady-state cardio one day and high-intensity cardio one day. This gives you the perfect opportunity to balance your diet and exercise program. You can choose to eat your meals, which are provided, along with your meal replacement, which is available for purchase; or you can skip the meal replacement part and eat your meals as normal. Whichever way you decide to go, you will achieve your weight loss objectives faster by combining steady-state cardio with high-intensity interval training. That’s why we recommend using both of these methods together.

The first part of the steady-state cardio workout is performed on an elliptical trainer. You perform this workout by pedaling your own machine at a moderate rate. As you pedal in each set of stations, you burn calories and build stamina. Depending on how intense your workout is (i.e., low intensity for long periods or high intensity for short bursts), you can vary the amount of time it takes for you to complete the entire circuit. The total duration of the circuit may take up to 20 minutes or you may only spend about ten minutes on each station.

The second part of this fast and effective fat-burning workout involves high-intensity interval training one day. In this exercise plan, you complete four sets of high-intensity cycling workouts. You alternate between three minutes of cycling at a moderate intensity and then another three minutes of cycling at a higher intensity. The fourth set of cycling workouts (i.e., the second cycle) should be completed with three minutes of rest between the two high-intensity cycles.

There are other exercises that you can also perform during your Workout at home. For example, rowing, squat jumps, leg lifts, push-ups, and chin ups are all excellent choices. However, rowing and squat jumps are particularly effective when done together. Rowing and squat jumps are two exercises that support a lot of bodyweight. The fewer the bodyweight that is used, the faster it will take to lose weight.

When choosing cardio exercises for your Workout at home, rowing, jumping, and cycling should be combined with heart rate intervals (i.e., stair sprinting, stair climbing, swimming) to maximize the calorie burn. This is because these cardiovascular exercises trigger the body to increase its fat burning capacity. They also help you get started and maintain your maximum heart rate. After you have completed a cardiovascular workout, then you can switch to doing strength training for the final stages of your Workout at home. The rowing, cycling, and climbing exercises should be complemented by high intensity squats and deadlifts. Again, the higher intensity the workouts are, the faster you will lose weight.

To effectively use your Workout at home to burn fat and build muscle, you should start each session with a warm up routine consisting of light weights or reps for muscle building, and then a cool down with low to moderate sets of repetitions for fat burning. This routine should be repeated daily. Also, you should alternate workouts every other day. This way, your muscles get the chance to recover and grow bigger. Each time you workout, you should always focus on maintaining proper form by using free weights or machines, and never overworking your muscles. You should also set short term goals for your Workout at home, such as losing one pound every week.

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